Aijaz Ayub


Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi

My name is Aijaz Ayub and I am a resident of Shah Faisal Colony - Karachi. I am working on a local petrol pump as a cashier. When I was in 7 class. I usually participate in our school's functions, acting in drama tableau. From the childhood, I really loved things associated with art and culture. When I appeared in 10 class, my father passed away and unfortunately I had to leave my schools and joined garments factory for earning my family's bread and butter. Time flew, I grew up as a working boy, neither a student nor an artist.


Today, (On 19 November 2017) I wasn't feeling well so I decided to take leave from my work and be at the home. In the noon, I heard some noises on our street, when I came out of my home, I saw a beautiful cultural setup where our national songs were being played on the sound system. I felt really good to see such thing after so long time. I walked and reached to the people there (Team Thespianz), asked them about the happening and I got answered that they are promoting our culture through string puppetry and spreading peace and harmony through this activity. I was really very happy to hear this. I just asked them what you need? I mean how may I help you? what do you want from our area? I would love to help you, people!! Actually, I wanted to be part of this. I brought my area's male and female individuals audience for this activity. I served them (team Thespianz) with water and tea. I really loved those puppets dance on our folk songs. It gave me goosebumps and took me to my past when I was participating in my school's functions. I just forgot my illness because I was really enjoying the activity. After ending of the performance, I realized that my passion for art is still alive inside me, I spoke to one of representative of Thespianz Theatre that I would like to be a volunteer with you people on my holidays. He gave me a very positive response and agreed to call me for participating in their events. I came back to my home with smiling face. "It's been an awesome day in my life after many years and I cannot forget this day in my whole life".

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