Amreen Khatak Karak



Programmer School, Karachi

This week’s success story is a story of a 58 years old principal of the school located in 4/a
Sakhi Hassan Mr. Ameen Khatak Karak who have came on the front after the
performance when our host asking questions and distributing gifts to the community
members. He spoke to the audience and said that “Thespianz is doing really great job to
spreading togetherness in our area. After watching their performance and knowing their
motive I have reminded a very relevant story of mine which I’d like to share with you
because this is something which is directly connecting with their message.
He started telling that “When I was young I fell in love with a Punjabi girl and wanted to
marry her. We sent proposal to her home but her family refused to get marry their
daughter with a Pashtoon guy. Well it was a long story how we insisted them by showing
them our good behavior, our education and our positive lifestyle and succeeded to prove
them that all khans are not the terrorists and you should accept us as a Pakistani and
Muslim rather Pakhtoons or Punjabi however, this process took 3 years of us. Now it’s
been 25 years of our successful marriage and now my in-laws are very inspired from our
family and they used to say that we can now marry our all daughters to Pakhtoons
After telling this story, he addressed the audience and said this is something what
Thespianz is doing at the moment, if they could stage this performance back 25 years in-
front of my in-laws, maybe they could convinced and I had not been waited for 3 years.

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