Elder Lady

Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi

This week we have documented an elder lady’s (65 Years old) story that belongs from
Waziristan and attended our performance in Gulzar-e-Hijri. It was amazing to hear her
expressions about this festival and we are delighted that we are this much successful to

deliver the message and fulfill the aim of this festival. The lady seemed very thrilled and
pleased while the performance going on, she also brought her two daughters in law for the
performance and they all enjoyed the show a lot.
After the performances, we talked about the significance of this festival especially the
outcomes and aim. She said that she never ever see any kind of live performance before
as she’s been living in a complex tribal system from the childhood and never even allowed
to go to the door step in her entire life. She added: when the law and order situation got
worst in Waziristan, her sons planned to move to the Karachi. Couple of years back, her
family moved to the Peshawar and afterwards shifted in Karachi. She said that “This kind
of entertainment we need in Waziristan and you must go there and teach them people.
The messages your shows have contained, we really need this kind of thought provoking
edification in our tribal areas. She said that the messages in Sindbad were magnificent and
easy to convey to any age.
In the end, she concluded with the words that “If these messages would be delivered and
understood to the each citizen of Pakistan so there will be no racism and any kind of
discrimination at all”

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