Naimat Ullah

Factory Worker

Orangi Town, Karachi

We have got this story from "Orangi Town" when we were setting up our set and stuff, a person came to us "Naimatullah" and said "What you are going to do here?" we told him about our festival and invited him to attend this activity either bring friends and family here, He laughed and said, what we have got from Pakistan? what has Pakistan done for us? here is nothing to do, there is no cultural existence of our country but extremism violence and terrorism prevails on its peak. One of our representatives guided him that there is a rich culture of Pakistan, somehow you are right about the law and order situation in the country.


This is the reason why we came out with our team to promote peace and harmony through this festival. Then we insisted Naimat to attend this performance, he agreed. After the performance and discussion sessions, he came to team and excused from his misunderstanding about the facts. As per him, he learned to improve own attitude and help others to do this for bringing positivity in society. No, any country is bad, it’s just our own preferences that how we attempt to improve and contribute our role for the betterment of community. Furthermore he gave commitment to disseminate this learning to others as well.

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