Saffa Binte Shoaib



Bahria University, Karachi - Pakistan

She is a Media sciences student in Bahria College Karachi. She attended the theatre workshop on 24 April 2017, she described herself that she is a valiant and influenced student of her university but she didn’t get any platform to show her abilities. When her teacher assigned her as a CR of the batch who was coming to attend our theatre workshop and theatre play she got something where she could utilize her capabilities. By initiating activities, volunteering for others and managing the batch, Saffa marked her quality in our mind. After the session, we have communicated with her and ask about her, and then she told us that she is the CR of this batch and she supposed to manage them all.


She also described that she learned a lot from these activities and now she is willing to stage her own social theatre play utilizing her class students and the attendees of the theatre workshop – Peace Troupe. We encouraged her and offered her that we (Faisal Malik artistic director Thespianz and Nouman Mehmood associate director Thespianz) will provide you with counseling, supervision, and direction for initiating this theatre play in your university premises. She was really happy and praised Thespianz’s efforts in a good manner.


In earlier May 2017, Saffa called us and said that she has prepared a script which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play “Othello”. She customized that play and named it “Nidamat-e-Shak” which means “Guilt on Doubt” and she wanted our help to organize this play in a professional manner. We went there and helped her to organize this play, she said that “Sir I was really amazed when you have been so nice to me and you actually came out to help us as you have committed, and I was not expecting that you will help us after accomplishing your session”.


After staging a successful thought-provoking social theatre “Nidamat-e-Shak” in her university, Saffa is now an official drama club in-charge in Bahria University and now she initiates social and entertainment based theatres, short plays, improvisation sessions and beginners theatre workshops for Bahria university and always gets in touch with us in kind of any support.

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