Shah Aba Zafar

Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi

The man seemed very passionate about puppetry and shared his view that he spent his
half of life abroad and now back to Pakistan, started a general store having all of
necessary items at one place. He shared that in his childhood when he was 12 years old in
1963 he lived in Shahfaisal colony that actually called Drig Colony at that time. He
elaborate further and said, “In my childhood, my father usually hosted string puppetry at
our home which performed by our area’s puppet group who makes puppets at their home
and performs in weddings, birthdays etc with a nominal charges. The method they use is
“Chaarpai” covering puppeteers behind of it and they create mesmerizing sounds with
folding leaves and handmade whistles.” “That was my golden days and I can’t forget the
pleasure of those days, today you people revert me my golden days” I am amazed how you
put social messages and teaching through these puppets. I want to salute you for this
wonderful effort.

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