Become a good person and human being

October 6, 2016

School teacher Miss Nazmeen welcomed us at their school and asked about the theme of this performance which will be performing at the school premises. We've told her that the "Sindbad" performance based on (TOLERANCE, PEACE, COUNTER VIOLENCE, COUNTER EXTREMISM, INTERFAITH HARMONY, GENDER EQUALITY) besides this we've putted several social messages for children. Miss Nazmeen told us that there is a student in her school his name is "Victor". He is a christian child and he is very bad manner, always bother to all children, he made his friends group those are christian and doesn't interact with other muslim students, they steal other children's stuff and fighting with them, we are really annoyed and disturbed by them, we've invited their parents and complaint about their children but the children doesn't obey them at all, they are outrageous, please teach them something through your activity so we will really appreciate your efforts. While our performance was near to begin, we have started a pre-performance session in which we've interacted with the children and told them about the theme of the play and an aim of this activity, we have observed that the group of "Victor" and his friends were hooting contentiously, then our representative stared asking question to them regarding their thoughts and unveiling about this play. He told them that If you think that you are genius and bravo so i'll ask some question regarding this performance right after the performance, student who will give correct answers he'll be considered as a hero of the day and we'll put his photo on the notice board with the caption of "hero of the day". This thing inspired to the victor and his group, they and all students have seen the all performance very quietly. After performance, we've conducted our post performance session and asked various questions, in one question (which was based on interfaith harmony) our representative called victor and asked "so what you have learnt? do you think religion is better than the humanity? he suddenly said No sir! humanity is greater than the religion! why you misbehave to the other religion students? after all they all are human first and this is bad to give harm to any human being of god, he got ashamed and looked here there, this was not just a story but inspired by a real event who teach us the lesson of humanity, If sindbad wasn't that good regarding the human of god so he couldn't reach on this fame and didn't became a famous king. You don't know which students will become a very successful and famous person in the future but this is your practice for the future, if you become a good students so you will surely become a good person and human being in the future. After this session we took the promise from Victor and his group that they'll implement on all lesson they have learnt from this story, they promised us and were really happy to make this promise and implement on it. 


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