Cultural Dances by String Puppets .

December 11, 2016

The journey begins with a very hard team work for the Pakistan’s Biggest String Puppetry Festival in Karachi including 300 performances in Communities, School, and Universities & Auditoriums. Whereas the team for the performances is based on 8 persons who actually goes into the 70 different areas of Karachi to entertain and unite people of the city via performances. People of every location gets attract to the puppets due to the beautiful puppets. The process of designing and making puppets before the festival is such a hardworking process and the props for the performance which should be use in the play is also a big task for us but successfully we did everything in a good manner.

During the performances in different areas some of the people are really enjoyed the performance, the most difficult challenge during the performance is that the old man came and said to remove the set from his apartment and he want to make stop the performance it was quite difficult to us to handle the situation, other people help us to do performance there. 

String Puppetry Festival begins in Karachi with a spirit to spread peace and unity through the performances. This is a great initiative of Thespianz Theatre and KYI (Karachi Youth Initiative) who worked day and night for the performances to make them colorful and successful.

Thespianz Theatre Performed Pakistan’s Cultural Dance by String Puppetry Performance at Arts council Karachi and there were almost one thousand participants to watch the performance.

All the media channels were there to gave the coverage to performance.


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