First Ever Performance in the life of a Person

July 5, 2017

We have got this story from "Orangi Town" when we were setting up our set and stuff, a person came to us "Naimat ullah" and said "What you ganna do here?" we told him about our festival and invited him to attend this activity either bring friends and family here, He laughed and said, what we have got from Pakistan? what Pakistan have done for us? this is the worst country ever, here is nothing to do, there is no cultural existence of our country but extremism violence and terrorism on its peak. One of our representative guide him that there is a rich culture of Pakistan, somehow you are right about the worst circumstances of the country and that's the reason why we came out with our all team and the system, that is the main reason we are here to promoting peace and harmony through this festival and will let you people know regarding Pakistani culture which is exist and it is really beautiful. Then we have insisted to Naimat to attend this performance, he said "Ok I'll see what you people do, and what is Pakistan and it's culture".

We staged "Four provincial Cultural Dance" after executing the whole performance we were wrapping up the stuff and Naimat ullah came to the backstage, our representative asked what do you think now regarding Pakistan and its culture existence? he felt ashamed and said "you people are amazing, I didn't see this kind of performance in my entire life which is purely based on Pakistan, I really liked and enjoyed each of the chunk off this performance, I was wrong about Pakistan, I see, Pakistani culture and our folk songs are really beautiful. At least now I wouldn't say that Pakistan is a worst country or it's cultural does not exist. Please tell me where would you perform further? So i will bring my family and friends.



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