5 Amazing Facts About Thespianz Foundation.

May 29, 2018



1) The Flying Classroom : The Flying Classroom’ is a classroom experience in a traveling, compact bus – free of charge to students in communities. The children get a chance to learn basic Mathematics and language skills they otherwise would not have been exposed to. The project proved to be a great success in bringing quality education to the doorsteps of children who were otherwise even deprived of an inside look to a classroom. 

The main ideology is to reach out to the inaccessible refugee children who are scattered all across the city and educate them with an aim to create a better society.

“The flying classroom” remains one of the most distinctive initiatives of Thespianz Foundation. 



2) Social Awareness Via Performing Arts: Thespianz Foundation is working on the performing arts such as theatre, to spread the social awareness into the deprived and under developing area. 



Hawas: Hawas was worth the applause it garnered, especially for highlighting a thought-provoking, bold issue such as AIDS among the Gen-Y. 






3) Adaptation of Cats Musicals : To raise awareness of education & health among the  youth in 10 days theater festival “Uth Oye” (wakeup) and blessed 10000 youth.





4) A Smoky Performance (Dhuwaan): The campaign, which aims to create awareness among young men and women about the effects of drugs on health. 

The play also shows the lives of drug addicts as they lie on roadsides, their domestic lives in which they fight with their wives and children, as an addicted father was unable to do any job to make money. It also shed light on the lives of the elite class of drug addicts and those who take drugs during their university days.

“Drugs, Aids and alcohol are challenges for our young generation and we need to educate them on these issues,”






5) Modernization for Education (Schools Renovation Campaign) : Aim is to strengthen the less privileged community by providing them basic Education along with a breathtaking learning environment.



Schools Renovation Campaign is an initiative to improve the spoiled condition of government schools in Pakistan to provide a healthy learning environment along basic facilities to the less privileged students.






























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