Social Theatre in Pakistan is opening a world of wonder for the underprivileged communities!

May 28, 2019

Thespianz Foundation situated in Karachi, Pakistan was established in 2010 with a one point social agenda “Equal Rights for everyone”. With the help of professional performing artists, the theatre conducts a variety of plays all across the country aiming to spread awareness on social issues such as Anti Drug Addiction, Illiteracy, gender inequality and many more.


The theatre artists put special emphasis on marginalized communities of Pakistan and use art as a way to spread joy and increase awareness.


How do they do this?

Thespianz has a professional performing art team that includes writers,creatives and actors. The team centers all it’s plays around social issues and uses it to create awareness in the society.



Promote your cause~

Thespianz would like to offer it's performing arts services to the all private and governmental sectors as well as invite small and large scale business owners to utilize the modern medium of performing arts to promote you cause or product.



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