How to Save Corona Affected People

May 7, 2020

Corona Virus Era in the world was a horrible time in the century. No one knew that the whole world will be shut down for months and people will die through an invisible enemy. Every person in this world came up with humanity and blessings of nature and helped whatever they can. Thespianz Foundation never seen on back foot when ever need arises, wither for social change, positive change thorough theatres and performing arts, school renovation campaigns, or now the COVID-19 time.


Thespianz Foundation created Thespianz Corona Aid Fund to help needy and labor families. On the special intrusions of Faisal Malik, founder of Thespianz Foundation, he and his team turned Thespianz into emergency relief Volunteers in COVID-19 season in Pakistan. Faisal Malik donated one million PKR cash grants to 333 people/families from April 1st 2020 till the second week of May 2020. Initially, Faisal Malik visited himself with his volunteer team members at Rajput Colony nearby Slum area in Gulshan Iqbal – Karachi and distributed cash grants to labor and daily wages families and then later on due to social distancing Faisal Malik and his team started sending every cash grant to the labor families via Easypaisa mobile app. Because of Easypaisa, no one touched the cash physically and everywhere transferred the cash grants electronically.

The labor families who got the cash grants at the rate of PKR 2500 per person and few grants were @PKR 5000 per person.




On the other side, list of cash seeking people is huge, so there is a public service message for the donation appeal also aired on Geo News and Dunya News Ramzan Transmissions and News bulletins.


The huge needy's list carefully maintained by the volunteers of Thespianz Foundation and still serving until they finished total cash/funds to be distributed.  

The families includes, fruits and vegetable carts sellers, mechanics, plumbers, labour persons who previously worked in local factories, carpenters, daily wage laborers, even the persons had good salaries before COVID- 19 and they have spent all their savings on their families' food.

Thespianz Foundation also established a special website "Thespianz Corona Aid" to collect more donations from donors.


Please visit:



Thespianz team is spreading the donation appeal to everyone, so they can award more cash grants to the needy people due to lock-down issues.   


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