Sumaira Kanwal


Young Lady 


A young lady expressed her feeling about the manual art of string puppetry after watching
the performance she described that she have heard a lot about the string puppetry from
her father and he used to tell her that he played string puppetry in his village when he was
a kid and he lives a small village in Bhawalpur, she added that whenever she hears the
story of her father she gets excited about the string puppetry but unfortunately she didn’t
seen this art so far. She said that she always wish to see how string puppetry being played
and she watch videos about puppetry with the wish to see the Live string puppetry one
day. You guys brought tears in my eyes today she said in emotional way. She said that my
father has passed away and your show reminded me my father who used to tell me about
the string puppetry. ‘She added, today I got to know why my father used to tell me that
this art has a strong significance and the ability to deliver any message with its beautiful
presentation and setting. You people made my day today; I not only watched my desiring
string puppetry but have learned about the acceptance and Pakistani cultural values in
beautiful manner. I will never forget this day in my entire life.

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