Dua Janjua

Boston, MA

fab! once Prophet(p.b.u.h)said get education from cradle to grave!!so this is d best idea for getting education for poor peoples becoz they r also childerens and its their right to get education!!n great work Thespianz Foundation.. :)

Bilal Nazar

Chicago, IL

You don’t go to school, School comes to you. -In Soviet.

Dil Nawaz Mir Kori

Karachi, Pakistan

According to my point of view this workshop very well for the youth, we learn many things about our successful life and every impossible work we easily make possible.

Devraj Kumar

Mumbai, India

We learn much more from this platform and very great opportunity for youngsters and I am thankful to the trainers who trained us very frankly.

M. Akhtar

Seatle, WA

Hope our Mullah`s & their madrassas learn. This is the real education that should be taught rather than radical education most of our madrassas teach.


Los Angeles, CA

Education must be available to everyone! This is an amazing idea! Thumbs up to all the contributors!

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